Become Your True Self: A Therapeutic Model for Differentiation



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Become Your True Self: A Therapeutic Model for Differentiation

This 4-Week eCourse began March 15th,2015. However, all course materials have been archived for you to access anytime.

Are you living the life you were destined to live, or are you living according to negative programming from your past? This course can help you, as a therapist or an individual interested in your personal development, to learn to live free of prescribed identities and become the unique individual you have the potential to be.

Lack of differentiation can destructively impact every area of people’s lives, from their romantic relationships to their career, from their personal goals to their parenting style. In this four-week eCourse, Dr. Lisa Firestone. co-author of The Self Under Siege, will introduce an innovative approach to differentiating from negative  familial and societal influences that prevent people from living a fulfilling life of personal meaning.

In order for someone to be fully differentiated and true to themselves they must:

Separate from the critical inner voices incorporated early in life

Break self-soothing habit patterns adapted to help cope with emotional pain in their early environment

Differentiate from destructive traits of their early caretakers

Develop their own value system and live by it

Drawing on findings from research in attachment and interpersonal neurobiology, and emotionally focused psychotherapy, Dr. Firestone will describe how early life experiences impact each person’s development. She will engage participants in learning how to help themselves or their clients differentiate from these internalized, negative influences. This transformative process will help people to uncover their real identity and lead the life they truly desire.

This 4-week eCourse will feature:

Multimedia video presentations

Journaling and experiential exercises

Interactive live Q and A sessions

Supplementary readings

Videos clips featuring experts and examples of the techniques

New lessons will appear each week. All materials will be available online, so participants can go at their own pace.

Course Outline

Week 1: An Introduction to Differentiation

Week 2: Separation Theory: The Roots of Personal Identity

Week 3: 4 Steps for Achieving Differentiation

Week 4: Creating a Unique and Meaningful Life

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