6 CE Online Suicide Prevention Training: Fulfill California’s Requirement for Suicide Risk Assessment and Intervention

All California psychologists will be required to complete six hours of training in suicide risk assessment and intervention effective January 2020. This online course meets all requirements.

Every therapist should have easy access to comprehensive, state-of-the-art training on suicide prevention.  We are excited to announce the launch of a brand new, one-of-a-kind online eCourse that provides this education and meets the new mandatory suicide prevention training requirement  for psychologists effective January 2020!
Suicide is the most common psychological emergency that therapists will encounter, and it is on the rise. For mental health professionals with an active clinical practice, suicide is an occupational hazard that can be both emotionally and practically devastating. Recent research has identified suicide-specific therapies that are effective in treating both suicidal ideation and behavior. Most therapists are not aware of them nor have they been trained in them, so most suicidal clients do not receive these potentially lifesaving treatments.
This on-demand online course with leading suicidologist Dr. Lisa Firestone and the California Psychological Association will provide an invaluable opportunity for therapists to become familiar with risk assessment and effective crisis interventions, as well as empirically validated, evidence-based treatments for suicide that are fast becoming the standard of care.

6 CE Credits are available for this course.



  • Identify the most important techniques/tools for assessing suicidal risk
  • Implement effective empirically validated crisis interventions for suicidal patients that will allow clinicians to practice to the standard of care
  • Recognize innovative and effective suicide therapies that will allow clinicians to be more effective with suicidal clients
  • Find effective coping strategies for the emotional impact of working with clients who attempt suicide of actually die by suicide
6 CE Credits are available for this course
For more than 30 years, Dr. Lisa Firestone has traveled all over the world educating mental health and health professionals, educators, and the public on effective methods to help save lives from suicide.
Dr. Lisa Firestone

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